Hybrid Montra Trance-a cycle for rugged and smooth road

Montra Trance (Hybrid)

Delhi। Hybrid Montra Trance is one of India’s best selling hybrid cycle. Being a hybrid, it is extremely versatile and adapts to different terrains easily.

So, you can go to work on this or cycle to your nearby grocery market or unleash the inner adventurous spirit on an off-road trip. The cycle is a one fit solution for all.


The bicycle has a stylish frame and it is made of mild steel. In other words, it sports a practical aspect with a generous dash of style. Thus, using it for simple recreational purposes is also a joy in itself.

It is equipped with 21 gears, making it super functional on high terrain and rugged roads. The shifting mechanism used for gear is a simple thumb/fire shifter.

Along with this, it comes with front-suspensions, making it ideal for the bumpy-rough roads of India.

The wheel frame has been manufactured with double frame alloy and the tyre size is 26 inch.  26 inch is the most common tyre size in India, hence looking for replacement or repair will not pose any problem.

As far as breaks are concerned, it sports normal wire breaks on the front and rear tyres.

Montra Trance is a trusted Indian brand in which thousands of bicycle enthusiasts have put their trust. Hybrid Montra is one such product from their prized product line. It is priced at Rs 19,200.