Renault’s Electric Car Gets Greener And Better

Renault New Zoe

New Delhi। Renault made headway into Electric technology way back in 2012 with its Zoe Range. After a big update in 2016, 2019 has become another hallmark with New Zoe – an electric car (sedan) with higher performance and enhanced technology. It comes with the promises of more durable charge and superior driving range.

Updated Battery Pack

New Zoe features an updated battery pack of 52-kWh, dubbed as Zoe Z.E. 50. It is surely an appreciable upgrade from the 41-kWh of Zoe’s previous version and can power the car for up to 390 kilometers in just one charge. As per charging options, Direct Current (DC) charging has been added to the existing Alternating Current (AC) option. The electric car also features a power-packed 100 kW motor that claims to enable a speedy yet smooth drive.

Regenerative Brakes

Bringing out the charm of electric driving, New Zoe features a B Mode that augments the regenerative effects of its brake. In other words, it enables the driver to apply brakes using a singular pedal. Manufactured to suit the urban lifestyle, the new mode will also facilitate less usage of brakes and faster deceleration.

Revamped Design

For its exterior revamping, the new trim dons distinct and bolder characteristics as opposed to the soft curves of the previous models. As released by Renault in a Press Release, “From the audacity of its youth to the dynamism of its adulthood, New ZOE has also reached a milestone in terms of design.”

More Features

Another distinct addition is a 10-inch high-quality display screen for the driver. New Zoe also features Renault EASY CONNECT – software that enables connectivity with the Renault multimedia system and mobile app to the automobile, providing a range of entertainment and functional options to the passengers.

Up till now, India has been a distant market for the Zoe Range but the current upgraded design is set to open the seal. It will be released in India in December 2020 with a starting range of 8.00 lakh rupees.

Soon India will be driving the electric beauty with style and a splash of green consciousness!