TVS motors reveals India’s first ethanol powered bike

TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100

New Delhi । TVS Motors has pioneered a shift in automobile technology with its environment-friendly ethanol powered bike. TVS Apache RTR 200 FI E100 will be India’s first ethanol-powered motorbike. The bike can operate on 100% ethanol as well as on a mix of conventional fuel and ethanol (80% ethanol and 20% petrol).

Why is Ethanol important?

Ethanol is a significantly clean fuel as compared to petrol and diesel. It is made from plant residue for crying out loud! Sugarcane and sorghum are basic raw materials for the same. Ethanol releases 35% less carbon monoxide as opposed to conventional fuel. Other emitted gases including nitrogen oxide, sulfur dioxide, and carbon dioxide are also released in drastically less amount. Using a mixture of petrol and ethanol also contributes towards environmental protection as it reduced the emission of hydrocarbons.

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India is the second-largest producer of sugarcane and the government has been focusing on using this asset for decreasing petrol dependency. Thus, ethanol-powered technology can definitely hope for a brighter future in India. In the meantime, the bike can have a successful export market.

Performance capacity

An important question here is the effect of this switch on the power capacity of the bike. The company claims that its new product has similar, if not better performance capability than its petrol variant. The bike claims to have better torque output of 18.1 Nm at 7,000 rpm and maximum power output of 20.7 bhp at 8,500 pm. It also sports a powerful 200 cc engine.

Electronic Fuel Injection

TVS has brought changes to the fuel-injecting features of the engine. They have equipped the bike with an electronic fuel injection set-up which has twin-spray and twin-port options.


The bike is priced at 1.2 lakh which is Rs 80,000 more than its petrol variant. However, its operating cost and fuel charges are estimated to be less, making it a much more affordable, durable and greener option!