X-Town 300i ABS: India’s most powerful maxi scooter

X-Town 300i ABS

New Delhi । X-Town 300i ABS can be easily called India’s most powerful petrol-powered scooter and one-of-a-kind maxi variant. Made by Taiwanese major Kymco, it is an impressive yet risky venture in the dormant maxi scooter market of India.


The scooter has an intimidating, strong look with a massive windshield in the front. With its wide frame and sharp curves, it can definitely put most two-wheelers to shame. Its brawny look and strong performance make it perfect for a weekend road trip to rocky hills and serene mountains.

Being a maxi scooter, it is equipped with spacious seating capacity that will surely add convenience to one’s touring plan.

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The scooter packs a massive 267 cc single-cylinder engine that offers a peak power output of 24.5 PS and torque output of 25 Nm. It’s fuel tank house an impressive capacity of 12.5 liters.

Other features that Impress

The X-Town 300i also sports a 37mm conventional fork and twin shock suspension duties.

It also has a dual channel Anti Braking System (ABS) making it the first scooter in India to sport such a feature.


X-Town 300i ABS is available in India from September 2019 for Rs. 30 lakh (approx).